Preventative Medicine and Healthy Living for Senior Citizens

Senior citizens from the society are thought to be the most significant groups of members for whom both preventive medicines and a healthier lifestyle are much effective. It has been discovered to be proven from older days fot it of latest days that "prevention is superior to cure". Preventative medicines are responsible for preventing any source of diseases whereas it is supposed to be curing the disease. On the other hand, healthy living represents the natural measures and procedures required to get followed and maintained by these people.

Preventive medicines can be referred to as a pair of measures or practices that's carried out for preventing disease occurrence in senior citizens whereas what's more, it promotes health. In this regard, some from the procedures can be stated as screening of blood pressure level, cholesterol, depression, diabetes, autism, hearing, screening of vision, and so forth. Healthy living has become one in the significant factors for those older folks. It is as a result of higher selection of diseased people seen inside society (Ghany et al. 2018). There are severe diseases that occur because of increasing junk food consumption and on account of poor eating routine. Healthy lifestyles among older folks with preventive steps and medicines can stir these to get rid of several diseases easily before being attacked.

Preventive medication needs preventive care, including three major types as primary prevention, secondary prevention, and tertiary prevention. Primary prevention involves decreasing the risk factors ahead of the occurrence associated with a injury or disease as policies imposed on purchasing tobacco for both the youth and older persons. Youth tobacco consumption will likely affect older persons when these people are around them. Secondary prevention involves detecting the sickness prior to issue or even the problem gets to be more serious for example measuring blood pressure levels. On the contrary, tertiary prevention involves preventing major complications of those diseases including physiotherapy or post-stroke rehabilitation. These preventive measures are beneficial for the older folks whereas breast cancers screening, colorectal cancer screening and diabetes screening mostly are done, because these diseases are normal within them.

In relation to making lives healthy, these folks are necessary to follow some healthy lifestyle measures along with preventive medications. Some of the measures might be stated in these:

Balanced diet- In every meal, an effective diet composed of minerals, vitamins, and also other significant nutrients is discovered to be needed for your body and mind.

Health checkups frequently- Keeping track of the health records will almost certainly show the faults and improvements conducted inside the body from the older folks. It contains the main advantages of detecting life-threatening issues, increasing expected life as well as getting acquaintance through innovative medical technologies (Sutipan & Intarakamhang, 2017).

Ensuring appropriate rest and sleep- Improper sleep and rest might hamper the health conditions more severely; however, experts recommend to sleep from 7 to 9 hours per night to help keep both mental and physical health intact.

Physical activities- Getting indulged in games, yoga, exercises, along with other activities might help these old people being toned and improve mental health also.

Socializing more- Social interactions are important for senior citizens to help keep both mind and body fit and from every form of stress. Sharing views and speaking with others helps in lowering on the tension and stress.

Senior citizens face the issue of not being cured with medications properly which is why both these choices strictly applicable. Both preventive medication and healthy lifestyles are forced to maintain the body and mind fresh. This in turn cuts down on the amount of stress among these old people and increases more energy within themselves.